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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

There's a reason why I haven't addressed this crook or the egoistic buffoon he hired to replace Obama in the Senate.

Quite simply, the guy was caught on tape doing the deed, then "outsmarted" Harry Reid, which is no major accomplishment in my book, by appointing a doofus to the Senate. (A quick aside: it's nice to get to the point where I can actively dislike the only Black U.S. Senator. Paging Chris Rock!)

On his way to inevitable impeachment, he quotes random poems and compares himself to every admirable human being or tragic event in the last century - and in the process of trying to pimp the media in his effort to stain potential juries, may have gotten himself in even deeper shit:

The guy is a joke, and a dull one at that. What is there to discuss, really?


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