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Thursday, December 11, 2008

I've written this post so many times now, in my head and on the page. Perhaps that's the problem.

Make no mistake - my day job has been the primary reason I haven't been writing since Thanksgiving. But I also stopped writing here for a time because, frankly, I didn't see anything to write about. No, that's the wrong way to put it. I didn't see any subject to which my writing would add clarification, purpose or perspective. I subscribed to the mantra I'd put forth in my August 24 post, "On blogging", a post put up after the first sustained break I took from this space:
So, as I continue to use this blog as a place to revive a muscle that had been largely dormant for over a decade, I will be more judicious with how I work that muscle out. To paraphrase Jerry Maguire, there'll be fewer posts, less news here at 1,369 lightbulbs. This is not to say I won't post the occasional YouTube that makes me laugh, or the random sports item that doesn't necessarily move forward the great national discourse about a particular pressing item of our time. But I consider the right to voice my opinion and inspire debate a gift from the Creator, and I pray that He grants me to ability to be increasingly disciplined in my use of that voice.

Perhaps I might add something after all.

Perhaps I might. Maybe I just needed a little extra time after the election to recharge the lightbulbs, so to speak. Time to pay my electric bill.

Bill's paid, switch is flipped, all dead bulbs replaced. On to 2009.


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