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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Me and the dog at right have a lot in common right now. I agree with Don Banks:
Last year, the unheralded Derek Anderson seemed like the NFL story that was too good to be true. Alas, this year we've found out that it was. I imagine by now, sitting 3-5 at midseason and falling farther and farther out of the AFC North race, the Cleveland Browns know what they have to do. They have to start Brady Quinn at quarterback. They have to use the second half of this once-highly anticipated but ultimately disappointing 2008 season to find out what they have in their 2007 first-round pick.

That's the reality that should be dawning on Browns head coach Romeo Crennel after watching his club blow a 27-13 late-third quarter lead at home against Baltimore, which scored the game's final 24 points to win 37-27 and sweep the season series against their bitter division rivals.

The collapse against the Ravens was hardly Anderson's fault alone, but he certainly can't be absolved of blame. Anderson finished 17 of 33 for 219 yards passing, with a pair of touchdowns. But when Cleveland needed him most, he was at his absolute worst.

I felt Anderson lost his job in Week 4. But the erstwhile passing star has survived, due largely to their Giant upset (which feels as though it happened last season). For that reason primarily, Banks should tread lightly with this sentiment:
More than anything, I think that incredibly ill-advised pass, which was intended for Wright with 2:52 remaining, is going to be the mistake that costs Anderson his starting job.

I believe that they'll be more stubborn, unless the press drives the narrative to a boiling point. In a short week (the Browns play Denver on Thursday), I doubt that a change will be made. But as in the election, I believe we Forest City faithful will soon get the change we need. In more ways than one, I'm afraid.


  • I don't even need to really detail how truly sick this is:
    John Harbaugh, the Ravens rookie coach, announced the team was dedicating the game to former Browns and Ravens owner Art Modell.

    "He deserves this more than anybody," Harbaugh said.


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