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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Apparently, some unquantifiable quality (well, I guess you can count melanin cells) has Joe "the Plumber" thinking Obama is "anti-American". Good to know who the modern-day arbiters of American identity are:

No, it's not exclusively racial in origin, nor am I calling Joe a racist. But where else but this concept of "the Other" that McCain's folks love to push would Joe get this idea? Keep in mind this dude compared Obama...to Sammy Davis, Jr.. If the first person he can think to compare Obama to is a skinny Black entertainer, methinks not many Black folks does Joe "the Plumber" know.

In this clip, he confuses even Neil Cavuto:
JOE: McCain has fought and bled for our country, and loves our country. There’s too many questions with Barack Obama and his loyalty to our country. And I question that greatly.

CAVUTO: Well, you’re not doubting that he’s a good American. Or you are?

JOE: Oh you know, his ideology is something that is completely different than what democracy stands for, so I had some question there. In my opinion.

Shit. I'm glad he endorsed McCain.


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