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Friday, November 7, 2008

In her latest ESPN column, Jemele has a very good argument for why Detroit will be good for Allen Iverson:
Rasheed Wallace sounded a lot like Iverson when he came to Detroit four years ago. Sheed was consumed with a hunger that was identical to Iverson's. He also was considered a selfish cancer who didn't know how to win. Sheed turned out to be the reason the Pistons won a championship in 2004 and why they've been at the upper echelon of the Eastern Conference for much of the millennium.

Sometimes an organization rubs off on a player, not the other way around.

I disagree with her assessment for two reasons (and none of them are the fact that I'm a Cavaliers fan): a) the guy Detroit just traded, Chauncey Billups, was a distributor who can score. Iverson is a pure scorer who has to be reminded to distribute.

But mostly because b) Jemele's theory about why Detroit could be good for Iverson and vice versa is based wholly on conjecture, and not in the history of Iverson's career and behavior. It's based on hope, not evidence. Now, as anyone who reads this blog regularly know, I have asked folks to believe in hope, and in the future. But this is basketball, and it is wholly different. I find it difficult to believe that he'll be in any way different on the court than he has been in the past just because he's in a different (and admittedly, smarter) organization.

As much as Jemele lauds the Pistons' discipline and team-first attitude, they are getting older, and quickly. Iverson doesn't help them get any younger. Also, in the trade, they lost their best big man off the bench, Antonio McDyess.

As a writer, I am willing to stand corrected, but as a fan, I hope I'm right. Change may have been good for Iverson as far as his overall championship prospects, but it's not necessarily what the Pistons needed to get them over the top.


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