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Monday, November 24, 2008

I had a frightening realization today, and it had nothing to do with the economy. Well, it did, kinda. Let me just talk it through.

I'm a passionate sports fan and also a professional in the field. No matter which capacity I'm in, there are, inevitably, fans that will get under your skin. Sometimes it's the media whores who'd do absolutely anything to get on television (yes, you too, Big Dawg); or the really drunk guy who, despite your team losing 34-7, needs to remind you of the score every 12.6 seconds. Maybe it's the Super Know-It-Alls (Who-Often-Really-Don't-Know-Shit), or the "What's a Touchdown?" (WHAT?, for short) fans who pick teams in the office pool based on color or proximity to said fan's hometown.

That said, all that animosity's out the door. That prissy, wine-drinking "fan" who scored tickets from his company's CEO (or is the CEO), the one who's telling me to sit down as I lose my voice yelling expletives at players on the field that can't hear me? I might be able to school him on the Tampa 2, but dude's likely running circles around me from Monday to Friday.

I've been so lost in the maelstrom of the nation's economic woes, I've hardly had time to form an opinion. Maybe it's because I really don't have a right to one just yet. I'm fairly knowledgeable about a number of things, but money is not one of them. I don't read the Wall Street Journal or Financial Times. I don't watch CNBC, Fox Business or Suze Orman (I've been warned off the latter). I'd never heard of Timothy Geithner until shortly after the election, nor most of the people President-elect Obama has appointed to keep the RMS Titanic from sinking (I know enough to see that we've already hit the iceberg).

So, let me refrain from comment until I, frankly, learn more about this.

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