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Friday, October 3, 2008

My deep and unrelenting hatred for the School Up North aside, it's good to see that Michiganders have some sense. And as he saw it (ahem) going blue, John McCain pulled his campaign out of the state completely.

Nate Silver thinks McCain may have made yet another impulsive mistake:
If you look at yesterday's return on investment index in the four large Kerry states that McCain had hoped to compete in, this is debatable:

Michigan 2.4
Pennsylvania 1.9
Minnesota 1.9
Wisconsin 1.7

That is, Michigan actually appeared to be a slightly better place to spend their marginal resources than states like Pennsylvania or Wisconsin; a dollar there goes about 2.4 times as far as one spent in an average state...

I know that as of a couple of weeks ago, the Obama campaign had been more worried about Michigan than any of these other three states. Also, according to the New York Times, they had held three events in Michigan since Mid-September, as compared with two in Wisconsin, one in Pennsylvania, and none in Minnesota. So I suspect they'll be pretty relieved not to have to compete there.

When will the McCain campaign realize their panicky moves are making things easier for Obama?

(And just so you don't get it twisted, that will be the LAST time that anything like the image above disgraces this space...)

  • “Oh c’mon, do we have to?”

  • Sarah Palin disagrees with the move. Considering she found out this morning, I'd say that the McCain campaign couldn't give a hot damn what she thinks.


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