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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Jemele invites us to look at the Adam Jones suspension in a different way:
I don't have a problem with Pacman being suspended. He violated the terms of his NFL probation. It was a fight that involved alcohol and Pacman signed an agreement saying he wouldn't drink. No doubt, he's busted.

I do not sympathize with Pacman, but I can understand how this became a frustrating dynamic. He essentially was in a situation where he had no civil liberties. Yes, you could argue he earned that punishment. But you could also see why it might put a strain between him and Jerry Jones' paid handlers...

I've seen the video of Pacman, with dreads, leaving jail, at least 100 times. Maybe more. That image is shown to titillate and perpetuate the idea that he's an animal to be feared. It inflates the stereotype of the dangerous, predatory black man.

I'm not saying it is never appropriate to show perp walks or mug shots. When Whitney Houston went to pick up Bobby Brown when he was released from jail, you had to show that. Whitney acted a fool.

I'm not even saying that crimes involving black athletes shouldn't be undercovered, or that the mainstream media should take it easy on black athletes when they are accused of crime.

But just curious: Where were the cameras when Matt Jones or Brett Myers had to do their perp walk?

I see her point, but have more to say. I'll write more when I'm not on deadline.


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