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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

As (the conclusion of) Game 5 approaches, Jayson Stark waxes poetic on my adopted hometown, and the implications of a World Series unlike any other:
It's now 31 years since another October monsoon washed away another Phillies team's dreams -- 31 years since the Phillies and Dodgers played an entire, LCS-ending game in conditions right out of the set of "A Perfect Storm." And of course, people in Philadelphia spent all day Tuesday reminiscing about that day -- because no good Philadelphia sports horror story deserves to be put out of its misery. Ever.

But at least, unlike that day, the commissioner of baseball didn't pretend that this time around it wasn't even raining. At least this time, the commish noticed those raindrops and placed this game in a state of suspended animation.

So at least this time -- with 3½ innings left to be played in Game 5 -- there's a chance for this Phillies team to rewrite this story.

Or not.

So that's the plot line hovering over this World Series whenever Game 5 resumes.

If, somehow, the Phillies don't go on to win, this World Series could wind up leaving a scar on their fan base the size of the King of Prussia Mall.

But if they do, they can turn this goofy weather mess into something to laugh about during every October deluge for the next thousand years.

So this is now more than a mere sporting event, friends. It's a life-altering event for an entire community. Do these people get their parade and release their demons? Or does one horrendously ill-timed act of nature drive them deeper into the Cuckoo's Nest?

It will all be played out on a soggy October baseball field. Only in Philadelphia.

Go Phillies.



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