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Friday, October 3, 2008

The Root takes on the rampant chain e-mail and gives folks the facts on wearing Obama apparel on Election Day:
The problem with the e-mail on passive electioneering was that it gave no specifics on which states upheld the law. Vague rumor + Internet = Mass misinformation. The e-mail gained some serious viral momentum in the last couple weeks. It was even spotted in The Root Explainer'sinbox!

No one is certain of its origins. Democrats are pointing the fingerat Republicans, charging the GOP with attempting to scare people away from the polls. Republicans have fired back, claiming that the viral warning is being used to incite outrage and pump up Democratic turnout. It doesn't really matter who initiated the e-mail. If you have questions, contact the appropriate officials for answers. And if you're still feeling worried, play it safe. Leave your candidate gear at home when you go to vote.

We're likely to get a lot of drama at polling locations as it is. No need to invite more. Everyone knows who's running.


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