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Monday, October 27, 2008

Some Democrats (myself included) want to see him gone, majorities be damned:
Okay, if Murtha is defeated, Republicans -- looking for any source of pride amid the grim ruins of their rule -- will do endless irritating victory marches with his head on a stake. But not everybody with a (D) next to his name deserves a seat in Congress merely to deny the GOP a scrap of pleasure. And Murtha has always been a sore spot in Democrats' efforts to claim they want a cleaner Washington -- a shameless porker in the Don Young tradition and one of only three Democrats to make Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington's "Most Corrupt" list every year. (The other two are Bill "Cash In My Freezer" Jefferson and Alan "Too Crooked To Sit On the Ethics Committee" Mollohan. Fine company!)


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