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Thursday, October 16, 2008

I don't know what people were expecting.

All I could see during the pre-game on the various networks was the anticipation of "fireworks". Did they really think that he'd pull a Vernon Franklin?

Obama might've been able to get away with a "Wu-Tang!" and keep a few independents. That's how absurdly ahead he is.

Are we really surprised at this point to see Obama keeping his cool, or to see McCain caging the rage? Unless real fighting words were uttered - and no, "Ayers" isn't one - no one was going to start trippin'. That means that no matter what McCain does, it's far too late to try to honestly start wooing the voters McCain needs. And there will be no Jeremiah Wright/Al Sharpton "OMG He's So Black!" moment that would keep those people from voting for Obama.

McCain isn't quite toast yet, but the fat lady's on in five.


  • If you missed the debate, check live-blogs by Sullivan, Ta-Nehisi, and ThinkProgress.


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