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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

You know the expression, "you shouldn't be a jive turkey...so close to Thanksgiving." (OK, maybe you haven't seen Trading Places as many times as I have.) Well, perhaps we shouldn't be surprised that, so close to Halloween, that John McCain and his supporters have decided that he's got to scare the shit out of us to win our votes:
Citizens United, the conservative group headed by notorious Whitewater scandalmonger David Bossie, is distributing hundreds of thousands of DVDs attacking Barack Obama's associations with Jeremiah Wright and William Ayers in newspapers in Ohio, Nevada, and Florida this week, a group spokesperson confirms to us.

A reader in Ohio reports to us that she received a copy of the DVD, called "Hype: The Obama Effect," in her copy of the Columbus Dispatch this morning.

We checked in with Citizens United spokesperson Will Holley, who confirmed to us that the DVD was distributed in the Dispatch today, and will be disseminated in copies of the Cincinatti Enquirer and Plain Dealer tomorrow, followed by the Palm Beach Post and the Los Vegas Review Journal on Friday.

View the trailer here.

More scare tactics in Florida. If all you have to sell is fear of the competition, then you don't have much of a product to sell.

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