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Friday, October 24, 2008

It appears to have changed - she now alleges that she was also sexually assaulted:
"She indicated that when he had her on the ground he put his hand up her blouse and started fondling her. But other than that, she says she doesn't remember anything else. So we're adding a sexual assault to this as well," [Police spokeswoman Diane] Richard said.

If this is true, why she didn't include this with her first statement is beyond me. It makes no sense. She apparently has been administered a polygraph, but the results are not being released.

There are other inconsistencies in this story:
Ms. Todd told police during at least five hours of questioning last night that her attacker said to her, “You are going to be a Barack supporter.” She told police the man then sat on her chest, pinning both her hands down with his knees and used what she believed was a dull knife with a roughly 5-inch blade to carve the B…

When Ms. Todd reported the incident, “nowhere did she say to the officer that [the assailant] made reference to the bumper sticker. I don’t know how she came to the conclusion that he noticed the sticker,” Cmdr. Ross said.

Emphasis mine.

And notice that the description of how the "B" was carved into her face. The "carved in upside down" theory is now bunk.

A commenter on the WTAE article linked above shares my doubts:
I am a (reluctant)McCain supporter, but fiercely anti-Obama. HOWEVER, I do not for one second believe that this "attack" is real. I have a medical background, and looking at the photo of the young woman, there are several glaring clues. First, there is no swelling. Anywhere. There area around her eyes is not swollen, with a beating like that her eyes - at least the blackened one, would be swollen nearly shut. Her eyes are clear, no hemorrhaging, again, especially in the one that has been blackened. Granted, this is a photograph, but the colors are not quite right. The "B" being backwards - eh - possible, but not probable, and again, no swelling or residual scratches around it. While the entire thing looks like a hastily executed Halloween Party make-up job, the intent behind it is sick and disturbing.

The real question I neglected to ask yesterday: why would a criminal desperate to steal $60 from a young woman stick around to assault her for being a McCain supporter? Why would dude give two shits who she was voting for? Especially after he's robbed her?


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