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Friday, August 15, 2008

Considering McCain's decidedly un-Christian past, Rick Warren may be the last person he wants to see. Particularly considering Warren's announced plan to "get a little personal" during tomorrow night's Compassion Forum at Warren's California megachurch:
I’m going to ask them questions about character, competence, about values, vision, virtue, about their convictions in leadership, about their experience. And I’m going to deal with their personal life – because character matters. Their personal life does matter as a leader. God says so.

While I don't trust that Warren has a direct line to the Lord, I certainly find this refreshing as a supporter of Barack Obama.

Having already distilled whatever past troubles he's had in Dreams From My Father, Obama should be able to handle this effortlessly. Having shown an ability to weave religious themes into his discussions about governmental policy and programs, one would expect that Obama would feel comfortable in this setting.

McCain, on the other hand, will find that the water's not so warm for him. Think his infidelity (it's kind even calling it that) to his first wife might come up? If Warren doesn't want to look like a shill for the evangelical Right, and he's declaring this kind of tact, it absolutely must.

Besides, Warren hasn't given any indication that he is a shill in the past:
Warren is America's anti-Falwell. If he has little interest in removing evangelicals from politics, he has taken the lead in removing them from automatic identification with Republicans. Equal time in a megachurch is a decided advantage for any Democrat, especially one like Obama, who has been polling relatively well among religious voters. In fact, according to the Barna Group, which routinely surveys Christians, Obama leads McCain among every group except those who call themselves evangelical; even those who prefer the term "born-again" give the edge to Obama.

Considering that there are those out there who think that a Democrat merely being Christian is "ironic", Warren's attitude is one that's sorely needed in the evangelical world. Perhaps he can take some of that water and dump it on his compatriots, waking them up from their self-righteous slumber.


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