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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Something I missed yesterday - McCain, no doubt chastened at using his own ignorance as a tool, admitted that it is a good idea to keep one's tires inflated and that it can help conserve energy. Joe Klein is disgusted, nonetheless:
"Oh, so now McCain says it's a good idea to inflate your tires. This is something new: He has taken to attacking Obama on positions where he agrees with Obama. Another example: he flayed Obama for his proposal to withdraw from Iraq, then said it was a "pretty good" timetable. Meanwhile, he also continues to attack Obama for positions Obama hasn't taken or is no longer taking--like Obama's position on offshore drilling, which has become a reluctant yes, in order to get a compromise piece of energy legislation through the Senate. McCain continues to say Obama is opposed. He also says Obama is opposed to nuclear power, which Obama never has been--a position he took some grief about during the Democratic primaries. It's getting hard to keep all of McCain's attacks--and his rules about when it's ok to compromise and when not--straight."

Straight talk, my ass.


  • Now McCain's against it again, this time in my lady's hometown, mocking Obama for basically being correct:
    "He's claiming putting air in your tires is the equivalent of new offshore drilling," McCain said. "That's not an energy plan, my friends -- that's a public service announcement."

    Sigh. So much for that. He'll renounce this position by tomorrow at 3, I'm betting.

    But forget about the "flip-flop". The dude is wrong, and he's flaunting it like it's a badge of honor! Americans fall for this crap? And here's what's truly hilarious about that quote - a "public service announcement" is for what, exactly? To provide a service to the public, no? Well, isn't that what a President is 'sposed to do? McCain further underscores, with his language, the notion that we, the little people, can't do anything to better the situation. The party that supposedly hates government is telling us to depend upon them running it, and that we can't do enough as citizens to make an impact (when we actually can).

    It's almost as if the Republicans and Democrats have switched bodies. The Dem is talking about personal responsibility and encouraging we Americans to do our part, and the Grand Old Dude is telling us that, it's cool, I'll handle it. It's eerie.


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