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Thursday, August 7, 2008

McCain apparently wants his supporters to be secretaries:
On McCain's Web site, visitors are invited to "Spread the Word" about the presumptive Republican nominee by sending campaign-supplied comments to blogs and Web sites under the visitor's screen name. The site offers sample comments ("John McCain has a comprehensive economic plan . . .") and a list of dozens of suggested destinations, conveniently broken down into "conservative," "liberal," "moderate" and "other" categories. Just cut and paste.

Ah, democracy.


  • Open Left found, as is typical with the McCain, that enthusiasm was lacking:
    Curious to see how many people were participating in this project, I performed a Google search on one phrase in one of the two talking points: "respectful of the goodness in each other". There were about 150 results, most of which were either reports on the McCain speech where he says that phrase, or blog posts mocking the online campaign. Only six results appeared to be serious attempts to spread around the talking point....

    This isn't a new campaign either, as it has been around since at least late May. While only six participants in three months might seem pretty pathetic, I guess they at least got more people to participate than they did in their earlier contests. Also, I haven't looked around for the other talking point yet, so it might rise up to a total of twelve once I do. So, instead of mocking them, perhaps I should be worried about their growing online activist army. At a rate of one new participant every year, they should catch Democrats in the year 5,677,244. Yikes!


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