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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Salon's blog geared to women, Broadsheet, evaluates McCain's Sturgis joke (below):

I'm with Tracy and Lynn. Mostly Lynn:
Sarah Hepola: My take is that he's trying to be good-natured, trying to compliment both his wife and the event, but he's completely unaware of his flagrant misogyny. It's just that ingrained. I don't think Cindy was insulted. I think she was probably like, "Yeah, I still got it!"

Tracy Clark-Flory: It seems McCain was making a show of polishing his prized trophy. The sad part: I'm sure he meant it as a charming demonstration of his husbandly devotion and as a sincere compliment to his wife. Also, I believe that in the political playbook, this is called the "I Could Be Your Beer-Drinking Buddy" strategy. ICBYBDB, for short. As you can see from the fist-pumping crowd, it was a huge success. That is, until it began circulating on feminist blogs -- but we sure aren't the target audience.

Katharine Mieszkowski:
His comments were cheesy and tasteless, but I find it hard to get worked up about a male candidate publicly lauding his wife's sexual desirability. I think McCain was just playing to his audience, which was, needless to say, not the writers of Broadsheet.

In that context, I think that his remarks make him come across as a younger man than his almost 72-years -- my wife is hot! -- and a devoted husband -- my wife is hot! He's being simultaneously edgy and dutiful, vital and doting. That said, I think that class is at the crux of McCain's riff, not just gender. His little joke is: Possible future first lady and biker beauty queen = one and the same! Yar. Get it?

Lynn Harris: I am most skeeved out by that awkward snickery, mouth-breathy, Beavis-y two-step he does during the applause. Not to mention that he is clearly reading from notes, which, come on, seriously? Never mind the heh-heh public objectification of his own goddamn wife, how come he, Flyboy McPrepSchool, gets to get away -- which he will -- with this embarrassing I'm So Down With You Biker People farce? There's also the matter of his party platform; I was not aware that marriage between a man and a Miss Buffalo Chip was a family value.

This should be a much more serious issue than it seems to have become.


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