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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

It could be an apt metaphor for the Vietnam vet's ad strategy, his only hope:
Remember, he has NO national ground game to counter Obama's vaunted field organization. No Bush-style 72-hour GOTV operation, no large and disciplined staff -- just a small core staff and media operation. In order to win without a ground game he literally has to destroy Obama as a viable alternative -- it isn't enough to just get close. That means the ads will be harder edged, more plentiful and more relentless than we've ever seen. I think Mark McKinnon realized that early on, and didn't want to be the guy to do to Obama what has to be done to win, as that person will become a political scourge (a la Atwater) when all is said and done, even if it works.

But McCain seems unconcerned.

Josh Marshall on the "tea leaves":
My own take -- or maybe more, the possibility that seems the real issue -- is that these ads probably are stiffening the support of some voters McCain absolutely needs to even make a go of it in November. But he's simultaneously endangering what is undoubtedly his biggest asset -- which is the residual public perception that he's a truth-teller, a politician above the normal partisan scrum and game playing. More and more he comes off as an angry and not infrequently out-of-it old man.

The tire gauge is only a reminder of that. His second "celebrity" attack ad, released today is another. (Though you'll see it 30 times today on MSNBC, I will not link to it. I will not spread McCain's lies for him.)


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