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Friday, August 15, 2008

I'm a bit late on this, having taken two days off of blogging for the first time in months. (More on that later.) So luckily, I'm still as happy about my beloved Cavaliers trading for former Milwaukee Bucks guard Mo Williams as I was when I found out.

Kudos, Danny Ferry.

For years, fans and media alike have been pleading for Ferry to acquire a pass-first point guard to set up superstar "small" forward LeBron James in the post. And it's not like Ferry didn't try - proposals for Jason Kidd and Mike Bibby went unconsummated. But now they have the scorer and the point guard that they sorely needed. Who else on the Cavaliers was capable of averaging 17+ points, to say nothing of six assists per? Now, Mo Williams can. Plus, his contract isn't terrible, and the Cavaliers are still left with plenty of money in expiring contracts (hopefully to acquire a veteran big).

On that note, I'll miss Joe Smith, but since I may have overreacted about J.J. Hickson, I don't see that as much of a loss. (And as for Damon Jones...hope he finds a nice tailor in Milwaukee to make him another clown suit for him so that he can coon out on their sidelines when he's not playing. Negro, you are not A Pimp Named Slickback.)

Best thing: LeBron likes the deal.


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