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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Video from my hometown paper of the guy who heckled Obama on Tuesday:

The way that Obama handled this was too smooth. He didn't curse the guy who set out to use an act of patriotism to embarrass him, and he moved ahead with his program, seemingly unfazed.

The heckler's explanation for his sideshow is utter bullshit. Look, I have a dad who bled in Vietnam, a paratrooper for an uncle and an 80-year-old Navy grandfather who served in World War II - and I'm not up there making an ass of myself. And I'll be damned if that guy were to tell me he loves America more than I do.

As Sullivan points out, a symptom of something else:
What's striking to me is the level of paranoia and what can only be called patriotism-as-neurosis from the dude. Actually, neurotic patriotism is not a bad description for some elements on the degenerate right.

P.S. The fact that the dude was from Parma doesn't shock this native Clevelander. You knew that neighborhood was conservative and you heard they didn't like "outsiders". Growing up, that was my Bensonhurst.


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