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Sunday, August 3, 2008

David Gergen gets it:

This might be the hundredth time I've heard someone point this out, but perhaps Gergen's direct nature will help drill the message home. Still, I wonder how many people watch ABC's This Week compared to those who hear rumors on the Internet, spread John McCain's vitriolic attacks like a virus via YouTube (there's a reason I haven't posted any of them, despite the ads' ready availability elsewhere) and otherwise hear the message that the Republicans (and Joe Lieberman) are spreading: that Barack Obama is one uppity nigger who need learn his place, and that like all the other African-Americans that gain widespread fame in this country (athletes, actors, musicians), he's nothing more than a "celebrity" whose opinion is therefore devalued.

Call it crying wolf all you wish - I don't care. I know what is happening, from experience. It's happened to virtually every African-American man who has dared assume his rightful place in society after working as diligently as we were always told we needed to. Don't tell me I can pull myself up by my own bootstraps if I'm later going to be told that I'm too big for my britches.


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