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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Due to a number of things happening offline in my life, I wasn't able to post my thoughts on Jesse Jackson and Phil Gramm in a timely fashion. Both made me furious - Jesse for being the latest crab in the barrel ("They smile in your face...) and Gramm for, well, saying something so offensive that it should, by all rights, sink John McCain's campaign into irrelevance.

Since I've had a chance to calm down on both issues, I figured I'd take the most serene approach possible. Here are my thoughts on both men - in the first "lightbulbs" edition of Bad Haiku:

Obama's nuts are
Jesse's wants, washed down with a
glass of haterade.

A nation whining
is what Phil hears as he sleeps
on cash-filled pillows.

Thank you! On to another week's maelstrom of misstatements!


  • I'll give the Jesse one another go:

    Obama preaches
    self-empowerment to Blacks.
    And that's an insult?


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