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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Joe Lieberman will take a big leap in his Dark Side quest tonight when he speaks at Bigot, er, Pastor John Hagee's conference in D.C.

I can't get over the fact that the most prominent Jewish legislator in Congress thinks that the best way to impress his new right-wing buddies and help his candidate is to speak at a conference hosted by a guy who once called Jews "Christ-killers" and thought Hitler was God's instrument to help Jews to the promised land. (And that McCain's already tried to distance himself from - because I guess his comments about Hurricane Katrina being God's wrath against a gay parade weren't quite enough. I guess when you're Republican, an insult doesn't really matter if Blacks are the main target. I digress.)

As you can imagine, some of Joe's fellow tribesmen aren't too thrilled about this, and are pleading with him to reconsider:
"Joe Lieberman still has a chance to do the right thing," Arshad Hasan, executive director of Democracy for America, said in a statement Monday. "Pastor Hagee is a bigot and a sexist. If Joe Lieberman speaks at his conference, he is giving a seal of approval to a man who thinks it's fine to use fear and hatred to demonize Americans."

Lieberman thinks that Hagee's somehow been this great friend to the Jews. But how can a man who made that Hitler comment be thought of as such?

Joe seems to be ready to suckle the teat of the closest conservative, regardless of who they are. Guess that's why he's so popular amongst fellow Jews, eh?


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