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Sunday, July 13, 2008

I've never understood the desire to know about a candidate's kids, especially when they're as young as Barack Obama's two daughters. Though they came across as cute as can be in their Access Hollywood interview alongside their parents and it was a personal joy to see 10-year-old Malia in cornrows, Obama almost immediately remarked that he regretted the interview. Some agreed with that decision; others, including the executive producer of the show, disagree:
"I don't buy that," he said. "The kids are well-adjusted, terrific kids with a well-adjusted family. I hardly think that a 25-minute interview with 'Access Hollywood' is going to affect them. Anyone who says that in the media, it's just sour grapes. They're just mad that they didn't get it."

The thing that this guy and many in the media seem to be missing is that despite the fact that TV raises way too many American kids these days, it's not their call as to whether or not this was a big deal. Barack Obama is their father, and he said that, considering the attention it received, it wasn't a good idea. It's not anyone's call but Barack and Michelle's. End of story, folks.


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