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Friday, July 25, 2008

Damn - it really is Hate-on-J(ohn) Day.

Talking Points Memo has used those doggone "Internets" to compile the definitive timeline of John McCain's statements on Iraq, and finds his Straight Talk to be shaped more like Beyonce:
For instance, In December of 2007, he deplored the fact that America had gone to war without "a realistic and comprehensive plan for success." But in June of 2003, he said that the "major conflict is over" and suggested that the mission had been accomplished. That same year he predicted that we'd be "greeted as liberators."

There are other inconsistencies. In December of 2006, he himself said that we needed 20,000 more troops to have success. And when Bush subsequently announced that he would send 21,500 -- more than McCain's suggestion -- the Arizona Senator firmly supported it.

But then, in what may have been an effort to lay the groundwork for evading blame if Bush's surge failed, McCain changed his position, saying that he'd actually prefer that Bush send still more troops.

McCain has also been somewhat inconsistent on whether he supported Bush's policies and has exaggerated his opposition to them in a general sense. In April of 2008, for instance, he said that the war had been "mishandled terribly" by the administration and said he'd "fought against" Bush's overall approach.

In fact, while he did criticize the administration for not sending more troops, the timeline shows that he was repeatedly supportive of Bush's general approach over the years. Indeed, in April of 2008, he said: "No one has supported President Bush on Iraq more than I have."

Indeed not.


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