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Thursday, July 24, 2008

A few months back, after Barack Obama skipped his "State of the Black Union" (SOTBU) talk-and-do-nothing-fest in New Orleans, Tavis Smiley made himself sick engorging himself on so much Obama haterade and had to go away. Now, he's not only back - he's offering to introduce Obama to the concept of being Black:
“There is no such thing in America as race transcendence, and Obama’s going to find that out real soon,” says Smiley, leaning into his words.

Good thing there haven't been any racism thus far in the campaign, or else how would Barack have navigated it without Tavis' sage guidance?

That is too rich.

I love how Tavis actually thinks he's a journalist, and not simply a talk-show host hoping to drive up his Amazon.com sales rank. Let's be real, please. These are the sorts of folks that can drive discussions, surely - but as for them lecturing us, I'll stick with the professors, thanks. Hell, even if that quote had been uttered by Cornel West, I'd have issues.

rikyrah at J&J takes this Negro apart:
Tavis is uttering his same nonsense. Obama will find out that there’s no ‘ race transcendence’.


Color me clueless, but I would have already bet that Barack Obama already KNOWS about that.

And, he didn’t find out through anything that the GOP has done.

No, we stopped the race transcendance train due to the Dogwhistle Racial PoliTRICKS of Camp Clinton.

Tavis is trying to perpetrate, everyone...

Black folk have never had a problem with ‘constructive criticism’ of Obama.

But, Tavis ran into the following:
1. It began to be perceived that it went PERSONAL for him and Obama.

2. Then, it began to be perceived that it wasn’t even personal for TAVIS, but that he was doing it for Camp Clinton.

3. Then, he disrespected the offer to send Michelle Obama to the SOTBU, and LIED about it. And no one remotely believes that if it had been reversed - if BILL Clinton had been offered, HE would have been turned down.

4. When Hillpatine gets to the SOTBU, he was MUTE and didn’t ‘challenge’ her on #($*. Nada.

5. You wanna talk about someone who was talking down to Black folks…rerun those TJMS commentaries for the last 6 months. He acted like Black folks had no sense.

THAT is why the TJMS audience told Tavis to go somewhere and sit down and take a chill pill.

NOT for simple-simon ‘ Obama didn’t go to the SOTBU’ nonsense.

Anyone else smell fresh crab?


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