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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Donald Sutherland has a cow about Obama supposedly moving to the center, and blames Terry McAuliffe (no skin off my back there). But boy, does he have one whopper of a conspiracy theory:
The DNC's 'Terry McAuliffe mind-set' ruined the campaigns of Gore, Kerry and Senator Clinton and now the legions of McAuliffites who have surrounded Barack Obama are doing their damndest to undermine the possibility of his Presidency. They've turned this man we thought was a lion into a little lamb and they're leading him to slaughter. There's a well sourced rumor of Machiavellian proportions running around that what's going to happen is that his base support will be so demoralized they won't have the vital conviction they'll need this August to withstand a McAuliffite push to persuade disenchanted delegates on the floor of the convention to make a resurgent Hillary Clinton the Party's nominee!

The tortoise is still running. If you're someone close to Barack Obama print out a bunch of copies of this New York Times Op-Ed piece and paste it on his fridge, on the door of his plane, on his kids' foreheads! Make him memorize it. His heart and soul is being gutted and ours with it.

If that's the case, Hillary's a sociopath, because there's no way she could have gone on like she has in support of Obama since the primary ended and been faking that.

Besides, I resent the notion that Obama some sort of Clintonian puppet, and I think he does as well:
“Look, let me talk about the broader issue, this whole notion that I am shifting to the center,” he said. “The people who say this apparently haven’t been listening to me.”
“I believe in a whole lot of things that make me progressive and put me squarely in the Democratic camp,” he said. But, he noted, he does not believe that the active hand of government is a replacement, say, for parental responsibility in education.

“I believe in personal responsibility, I also believe in faith,” he said. “That’s not something new; I’ve been talking about that for years. So the notion that this is me trying to look” – he waves his hands around his head – “centrist is not true.”

When a candidate who has behaved as Obama has is forced to have to do this in order to assuage his supporters, the media's not doing their job. And that Times editorial was ridiculous - they act like Obama's some sort of commodity, a product. So does Sutherland. Hopefully, folks will stop freaking out soon enough. This is getting tiring.

Why don't you all knock it off with them negative waves?


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