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Monday, July 14, 2008

Maureen Dowd reads way too far into the Obama family interview on Access Hollywood:
While it’s a good idea not to repeat the experience, it was overkill for Obama to rebuke himself and recant his decision on the morning shows — right in the midst of other repositioning that spurred a harsh reaction among many supporters.

The bad news and the good news is that Obama can be opportunistic. He’s more pragmatic than dogmatic. He’s flexible and a bit of a situationalist. If Bill Clinton weren’t still sulking, he would appreciate Obama’s emulation of his style in ’92, taking a bit from the left and a bit from the right.

The self-pitying Bill and the self-flagellating Barack both need to take a cue from the Obama girls.

Asked by Ms. Menounos, “What could you guys do that Mommy and Daddy would get really mad at?” Malia and Sasha replied in unison: “Whining.”

It was parenting, Ms. Dowd. While I'm not a father yet, I certainly know from observing my own that parenting often involves corrective measures that address past mistakes. And the fact that Barack saying the following morning that the interview was a mistake is exactly that, not "whining". (What more can be expected from someone who delighted in calling him "Obambi" in her columns? If Jesse's looking for Obama, er, equipment, he needs to team up with Ms. Dowd. She's been trying to hack away at Obama's manhood since his campaign began.)

Besides, isn't the shift from dogmatic to pragmatic what America is looking for? I mean, we've put up with nearly eight years of the former. And if a voter makes up their mind either way based on that interview, they need to take a civics class immediately.


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