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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The response to McCain's "blame Obama for high gas prices" ad is nice and neat:

Greg Sargent of TPM says it echoes Obama's earlier parrying of Hillary's attacks:
The rub here is that Obama is reprising precisely the same response he used multiple times against Hillary in the primary, casting McCain's attacks as "old politics," thus responding to McCain while amplifying his own message. Hey, if it ain't broke...

It should also be noted that McCain's ad is ludicrously easy to deride.

That may be true, but one TPM reader doesn't think Obama did enough:
The ad may be effective to a point, but it peters out into nice wonkishness. Obama needs to say something specific he is proposing to help downscale families who are struggling NOW with higher costs. McCain's drilling proposal works that way -- not really as a solution, but as a metaphor for immediate action. People will appreciate the stance, even if they sort of know the ideas are bull.

If the American public wants to be bullshitted as it picks its President, then we will get the President we deserve.


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