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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Who cares what John McCain said to the NAACP? What matters is what he's done.

Where was he on the MLK holiday?

Where was he on the 1990 Civil Rights Act?

Where was he when Katrina struck? (Here's where.)

Why even go through the patronizing speech if what you do truly defines you?

(Props to Jack & Jill Politics for the link to the video.)


  • From the Wichita NAACP blog about the McCain event, linked above.:
    The second person to reach a hand mic was Mr. Bob Zellner from the East Long Island Branch. Mr. Zellner, who happens to be white, intended to ask Senator McCain a 'softball' question; "Does your recent appearance in Selma signal and end to the Southern Strategy?" However, for whatever reason, Senator McCain chose not to allow Mr. Zellner to ask his question. In fact, the Senator actually cut Mr. Zellner off twice as he had started asking his question. I understand that perhaps Senator McCain believed that this being the NAACP, it was important that he hear from Black voters. But it is also important that Senator McCain and others understand that the NAACP is not an all black organization, and we must never be guilty of committing the very acts we organize to fight against.


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