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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Marc Ambinder:
Really, the press corps should pay attention to Barack Obama's sustained defense of his energy policies, which includes new language on John McCain's ties to the oil industry. But we're not: we're writing about the flashpoint of the day, which is the McCain campaign's contention that Obama is illegally playing the "race card," of bluffing about bias.

So why does he spend the rest of the post saying the exact same thing I've read in other posts today - that Obama's not race-baiting and that McCain's not racist?

How about talking about the energy policies, Marc?

That said, he does have a point:
Now, I didn't go to a four year college NOT to assimilate some lessons about the semiotics of about gender and language. CBS News National Correspondent Dean Reynolds noted yesterday that the McCain campaign accused Obama of reacting to McCain's aggressiveness "with a mix of fussiness and hysteria." Strike me down for noticing, and I usually hate to even think in these terms, but those words have gendered meanings.

Look, it's simple. McCain, his campaign and the GOP at-large is trying to turn Barack Obama into a woman, an uppity nigger, a weakling, a pussy, a foreigner, a socialist, a flip-flopper, a dandy, a gay man, a pseudo-messiah, a trickster - whatever the hell will cause Americans who lack the self-respect to vote in their own best interests to vote for the "safe" choice.


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