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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I dare you to watch this and not smile.

More on this phenomenon and its creator, Matt Harding, in today's New York Times:
Mr. Harding is aware that fame on the Internet is fleeting, and needs novelty for life support. On the one hand, data is never lost — it’s floating out there in cyberspace forever — but, on the other, our memories (and those of our computers) are limited and subject to constant upgrades. A video is downloaded, sent to a friend or two and then quickly forgotten. Who anymore goes back to look at that animated dancing baby that was all the rage in the ’90s? So Mr. Harding isn’t certain yet whether he wants to make a sequel.

“I wouldn’t want to make another video unless there was something to say that I hadn’t said,” he explained. “I’m going to see if there’s something more to be done, but if not, I’m happy with what there is. I don’t want to pop the bubble.”

Sad that it's a relief to see someone who's not looking to make themselves a star on YouTube or whatever medium they can garner for their close-up. Cheers, Matt.

(Props to Sullivan for the tip.)


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