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Friday, July 11, 2008

A pamphlet I keep next on my desk is entitled "Rethink Your Priorities". It's an eight-page document detailing the reflections of Dr. Arthur Caliandro of Marble Collegiate Church in New York City, where I once attended. Principally discussing the idea of self-discipline as a fundamental key to personal success, it always reminds me to ensure that I'm putting the most important things in my life first.

Methinks I should copy it and send a copy to Flint, Michigan.

The above is a guideline for how the city is planning to, ahem, crack down on the sag. Seriously. 93 days to a year in jail for not pulling up your pants? (Plumbers all over Flint are nervous.)

Did I mention Flint was rated the third most dangerous city in America late last year, trailing only St. Louis and its downstate neighbor, the D?

Though I too think the sag is unintelligent in ways that words can't fully describe, is this really the best use of city law enforcement time and money?

  • Jemele doesn't care - she's glad that the law's telling thise idiots to pull their damned pants up. But she also touches on why these fools sag - it's a trend that started in prison. Which, in our backwards America, makes perfect sense as to why it's now popular. Sigh.


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