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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A little more than a week ago, Jemele posted an entry about a Detroit Free Press column written by Angelica Brown, who just graduated from high school and is serving as an apprentice (is that really the term?) at the paper.

Ms. Brown argues that she's planning to cast her first presidential vote ever for John McCain.

The column itself could be viewed as courageous for a number of reasons that Jemele began to list:
...this was a brave column when you consider both her age and her viewpoint. Most 17 and 18 year olds are not interested in the political process. And if I were her, I wouldn't be brave enough to tell thousands of readers - in a city that is 80 percent black - why I wasn't voting for a black presidential candidate.

True enough. But I found another line from that same post even more telling today:
I can't believe this column was written by someone who just graduated high school.

Neither can the folks at Jack & Jill:
"Why My First Vote Will Go to John McCain" reads more like it’s written by a conservative Caucasian housewife/activist trying to sound like her daughter’s black best friend.

Ouch. But read this passage from the column:
Just because Obama can write up and deliver a speech better than others does not mean he is the best candidate. If I remember correctly, Adolph Hitler and Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick convinced mass numbers of people that they were respectable through dialogue. In no way do I mean to compare Obama to the likes of such immoral men, but let's just be honest -- you cannot judge someone based on what he says. There has to be more to that person.

As Cheryl says,
Hitler evoked in the same breath as Obama from a young African-American? I smell a planted and fake as a $2 bill article.

I do, too. This has been bugging me since I read the piece. The entire piece is essentially Republican talking points regurgitated through a teenage mouth, a puff piece for a candidate who hasn't thought twice about earning the Black vote in this election. (And don't give me anything about it being a lost cause - Obama's fully staffed and campaigning across the South, for goodness' sakes.) She even uses the failed "fairy tale" line. The whole thing is just so...


I mean, really - this line?
Having Obama in office would only initiate a negative reaction from other countries, because he is so inexperienced. He is still very young, and although the world believes they can handle a new American leader without white skin, I don't know if I believe it.

Well, I hope Ms. Brown doesn't bring that clip to an interview when she wants a job at any newspaper. I mean, she'll still be young, Black and inexperienced when she's looking for a job. Would she want to be judged as harshly?

If she wrote it, she needs to re-examine a lot of things about her position. If not, the Free Press should be ashamed of themselves.


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