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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Black TV network that's actually watchable is going to Denver for the Democratic convention, but not to Minneapolis for the GOP.

As a network that caters strictly to an African-American audience, I see no problem here. The nominee's African-American, and they're covering history. Plain and simple. They're not a news organization, and just as the Food Network likely would go to a chef's convention and not a comic book one, TV One is servicing their audience.

You'd think that was understandable.

Well, sample the comment section:
"Does that mean channels who have predominantly white audiences don't have to cover Obama?"

"goes to show that Blacks are racists. i want to hear nothing more of Imus or any other white person that doesnt like black people.

Black people are racists and hypocrits (sic)."

"And they wonder why I consider them slaves to the DNC. They would actualy get more done if they split the black vote and made the parties fight for thier (sic) vote."

"I wonder the reaction if a station that catered to whites refused to show the Dem's convention. Oh, wait, a station that catered to whites would be racist."

"sounds like a nice racist television network...Im sure Martin Luthor King is turning over in his grave right now...his people have become what he hated..what a shame"

"That's OK. I don't care to watch programming that promotes racism."

When people tell you that race doesn't matter in today's America, tell 'em to surf the web. "Computer courage" abounds.


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