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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Today's foreign policy speech, which seemed to set today's news cycle:

Two important reactions - first, Sullivan:
The most effective retroactive part of the speech is conjuring the missed opportunities that the Iraq misadventure has ensured; the most effective forward-looking part is about securing loose nukes and insisting that we have no long-term plans for staying in Iraq. It strikes me as a mature speech, addressing complex, always-changing realities in a very fluid region. And Obama's refusal to engage in the crude "victory-or-surrender" rhetoric of the neocon right is a relief. My main concern at this point is avoiding a commitment to a permanent occupation. I trust Obama on this more than McCain. But the rest is nuance and judgment.

Greg Sargent of TPM:
...it's worth noting how big a gamble he's taken at key moments during this race -- by insisting on elevating the discussion to a higher plane than the ordinary tit-for-tat of campaigns.

When Obama was under fire for Reverend Wright, Obama gave a speech in which he asked his audience to think bigger, to rise above the narrow, gaffe-driven debate about Wright and have a real and meaningful discussion about the larger social and historical forces at play.

Now Obama has again done something very similar on Iraq...

...in response to McCain's claim that Obama has flip-flopped on whether to leave, Obama reiterated his support for withdrawal in 16-months, adding: "I strongly stand by my plan to end this war."

Obama did not back off his commitment to withdrawal one bit today. Rather, he doubled down on it. In a big, big way.


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