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Monday, July 7, 2008

Hello? John McCain's a flip-flopper to the extreme, yet because the media was too lazy, simple or manipulative, we spent all last week talking about Obama "refining" his Iraq strategy and watching him fend off charges of "softening" or "changing" his policy. Just another week in paradise.

It's a damned shame that it takes someone writing for a British paper to call McCain on this. Now, I don't really much care if someone changes their mind in the political arena. I want a President that won't be hard-headed. But when will the American media wake up and start treating both of the candidates equally in this regard?

  • Tim Russert was, for one:

    Carpetbagger made a list of McCain's flip-flops - in 2006. Here's an update (gotta see the Cafferty video, in which he says, "If John McCain doesn’t stop changing his position on the issues, he threatens to make John Kerry look like an amateur."). Another list here.


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