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Friday, July 18, 2008

McCain's nearly equaled his age in flip-flops, yet claims he hasn't ever reversed his position. On anything:
"Q: Finally, you talked a little bit about Senator Obama today, you said he was the most extreme member of the Senate...

McCain: Yeah, that's his voting record.

Q: Extreme? You really think he's an extremist? I mean, he's clearly liberal...

McCain: That's his voting record. All I said was his voting record -- and that is more to the left than the announced socialist in the United States Senate, Bernie Sanders of Vermont.

Q: Do you think he's a socialist, Barack Obama?

McCain: Oh, I don't know. All I know is his voting record, and that's what people usually judge their elected representatives by. But I know this too: that Senator Obama has not done what I've done. He has not reached across the aisle to work in a bipartisan fashion. I have. I have. And if you have an extreme voting record, it's hard to do that. And finally, Senator Obama, obviously, supported amendments that would have killed comprehensive immigration reform. Then he says that he's for immigration reform.

Q: But you flip-flop a little bit too.

McCain: No, I didn't.

Q: You flip-flop on drilling, on tax cuts...

McCain: Actually, I didn't. Actually, on the drilling issue, when gasoline reached $4 a gallon, we've got to do things that we otherwise haven't done in the past. I have not changed my mind on any other issue. On immigration, I said we need comprehensive immigration reform, it failed twice, so we've got to do what's going to succeed.

Q: But you were against the tax cuts, now you're talking about making them permanent. Isn't there flip-flopping on both sides?

McCain: Actually, no. Actually, I had a tax cut proposal of my own. Senator Obama wants to raise taxes; I want to keep them low. Somebody who wants higher taxes, I'm not your candidate. Senator Obama is. I had a package of tax cuts, and I said we had to restrain spending. We did not restrain spending, and therefore we now have the mess that we're in. We had to restrain spending. That's the main reason why I voted against them, and I had a large package of tax cuts myself, and I have voted for tax cuts in the past, and Senator Obama wants to raise them. I've heard a lot of this propaganda, and I understand what campaigns are about, and all of the back and forth, but I'll stand on my record of bipartisan effectiveness for American, and putting my country first."

Hot damn. Not only does he lie about not reversing his positions, he gives the "not as far as I know" treatment to Barack Obama. But this time instead of a Muslim (ah, Planet Xeno), McCain's "doesn't know" if Obama is a socialist.

This could not have been more dishonest unless, perhaps, he just came right out and told us he thinks Obama's bent on bringing Marxism to the U.S. Sheesh. America seems to have this big hangover from the Cold War, and regard everything "socialist" or "communist" as evil as, well, they do "Muslim" now. But even if Obama were a socialist...better that than a fascist.

It bears repeating: how much longer must we suffer fools who take us for fools?


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