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Thursday, July 24, 2008

That's how many Berliners came out to see Barack Obama today.

I'll provide my thoughts on Obama's stirring speech in a longer post when his entire trip ends. For now, I offer the sharp analysis from my man Greg Sargent of Talking Points Memo:
First, he strongly conveyed the idea that liberal internationalism is not only compatible with an aggressive war on terror, it's an enormous boon to it. Indeed, the discussion of terror was more extensive than you might have expected...

...it's as clear a signal as you could want that Obama represents a complete break with the Bush administration's swaggering unilateralism.

The speech also endeavored to reconcile patriotism with self-criticism of America, which some Republicans are already trying to locate in his anti-war candidacy and indeed in this very trip abroad...

In a sense, the message of his very presence in Berlin is this: If slavery is the ultimate national sin, then the fact that he's running for president, and very well may win, and is promising the rest of the world a better America if he does win -- well, then all of this would achieve some sort of movement in the direction of that perfection that stubbornly continues to elude us.

More reactions here.


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